Shut-off valve and method of shutting off opening of vacuum chamber

Shut-off valve and method of shutting off opening of vacuum chamber

  • CN 1,690,490 B
  • Filed: 04/21/2005
  • Issued: 06/13/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/21/2004
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1. be positioned between the opening of vacuum chamber and, comprise by the cut-off valve that pressurized air is opened and turn-offed:

  • Shell, this shell comprises;

    relative with opening of vacuum chamber separately wall portion, and the wall portion that has elongated connecting port separately;

    Be placed in the valve body of enclosure, this valve body has axle, and this central shaft around valve body rotates;

    Drive valve body so that the driver element of said axle rotation;

    WithBe arranged on the said axle each opening that is used for the opening and closing vacuum chamber and by air-controlled open/close mechanism;

    Wherein, In said shell, form cylindrical space, said axle is contained in this space in so that extend axially therein, and said beam warp is by the wall separation of a gap and the said shell setting of turning up the soil;

    This has the communication paths that on its diametric(al), penetrates;

    When each connecting port of this communication paths and shell was relative, this communication paths was communicated with each elongated connecting port, and said open/close mechanism is arranged on the both sides of said communication paths and extending axially along said axle;

    Said open/close mechanism comprises;

    be installed in the elongated chip part on the axle, protruding each opening of closing thereby its footpath at axle makes progress;

    Push mechanism, its footpath at axle upwards pushes inward the moving plate parts, said chip part with each mouthful against the position have circular-arc external peripheral surface;

    The lower surface of chip part and the upper surface of fixed component are communicated with through bellows;

    So that shrink, and between said chip part and said axle, form seal space, said chip part radially removable along axle between the wall of axle and shell along with moving of chip part;

    Said open/close mechanism comprises a plurality of supporting posts and supporting part;

    This supporting post along axle axially with the specific interval setting, this supporting post radially extends to be supported on the inboard chip part in said space along axle, said supporting part is arranged on the axle;

    Be used for upwards supporting said supporting post movably, and said axle is formed with the air flue that is communicated with said seal space in the footpath of axle.

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