Motor vehicle driving information handling method and apparatus

Motor vehicle driving information handling method and apparatus

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  • Filed: 04/30/2005
  • Published: 11/30/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/30/2005
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1. , a kind of motor vehicle driving information handling method is used to receive and send, discerns, handles various information, and it comprises that the gps satellite system to the vehicle position real-time positioning, is characterized in that, comprising:

  • The motor-driven vehicle going Real-time and Dynamic is input to car-mounted terminal with photography, metering, sensing, Card Reader gained information;

    With the general traffic law rule in the whole nation and Yi Sheng, (city) deposit in the car-mounted terminal memory data storehouse with electonic speech navigation map form for the region different kinds of roads of unit, all kinds of autos only regulation and charge taxation standard and traffic pattern sign thereof and illegal running deduction of points, penalty standard, or/and in the traffic surveillance and control system, this electonic speech navigation map can be revised at any time according to each road traffic situation of change, meteorological situation of change by traffic control department;

    Motor vehicle is in travels down, gps satellite positioning system (8) is implemented real-time positioning to motor vehicle, data in locator data and the electonic speech navigation map exchange, and check whether it travels illegal, with the current regulation of this road carry out verbal cue and will pass through the regulation graphic presentation on display screen;

    Car-mounted terminal (1) classifies, handles, itself can judge to be illegal running to the information that is obtained, directly the driver is carried out the language caution, as in time not eliminating the illegal running behavior, to make decision for punishment, and inform the driver, and illegal evidence is uploaded to traffic surveillance and control system (13);

    By data message classification, the processing of car-mounted terminal (1), the information that car-mounted terminal is not handled is input to traffic surveillance and control system (13) processing;

    Traffic surveillance and control system (13) to car-mounted terminal (1), is spoken that the illegal running signal feedback show and carry on its display screen at speech and to propose caution to the driver;

    If the driver continues to break rules and regulations, alarm signal is not eliminated, and hands over supervisory system (13) to send and carries out the punishment on contravention of regulation order.

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