Heat shrinking polyester film

Heat shrinking polyester film

  • CN 1,729,235 B
  • Filed: 12/24/2003
  • Issued: 08/29/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/24/2002
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a heat-contractable ployester series film is characterized in that,Be to use the ester units that will form by di-carboxylic acid composition and glycol component as the unitary single copolyester of main composition, perhaps mix the mixture that different homopolymerizations of forming more than 2 kinds or copolyesters form and obtain,Said dicarboxylic acid component is a terephthalic acid, and said glycol component is a kind of in terepthaloyl moietie, butyleneglycol, NSC 6366, the 1,4 cyclohexane dimethanol or more than 2 kinds,At least the one side of said film is provided with that to contain polyester based resin or polyurethane(s) be easy the to be sliding layer of resin as tackiness agent, and the adhesion amount of said easy sliding layer is 0.002~

  • 0.2g/m 2, Said easy sliding layer is in being prone to sliding layer 100 weight %, and the lubricant and the sulfonic acid that contain 10~

    60 weight % are tied to form and are divided into 1~

    40 weight %,At least the kinetic friction coefficient between the one side of said heat-contractable ployester series film is μ


    0.27, scope R≤



    In product dyed thereby friction solidness trier;

    Use and the sand paper of 2 tulles and particle diameter #1000 is installed in order and makes sand paper become the friction member of surperficial surface radii 45mm, arc 50mm, loose 25mm;

    Load 400g, reciprocal distance 100mm, 30 back and forth/minute condition under, the film sample that is arranged on the test film platform that surface radii is 200mm and make the little Easy glide plane of frictional coefficient between the film become the surface is handled, at this moment;

    Back and forth handle front and back at 10, the weight on every handling part unit surface reduces less than 0.24g/m 2, the shrinking percentage of the main shrinkage direction of dipping during 10 seconds is more than 50% in 95 ℃

    warm water.

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