Built-in light

Built-in light

  • CN 1,751,207 B
  • Filed: 11/24/2004
  • Issued: 11/16/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/23/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. Built-in light, comprise carriage, bulb (6) and direct light reflector, wherein this carriage is fixed on and installs on the surface (11), and the direct light reflector opening that is arranged on the illumination direction limits direct light ejaculation zone (1), direct light penetrates zone (1) and is penetrated zone (2) encirclement by diffused light, penetrates so that scattered light penetrates regional (2) from the diffused light that penetrates zone (1) around direct light;

  • It is characterized in that;

    Bulb (6) and direct light reflector (4) are arranged in the outer cover (10), and the inner surface self of outer cover (10) is made into auxiliary reflector (7);

    Outer cover (10) is in dustproof mode at least, penetrate in the zone (2) by translucent scatter plate (13 at diffused light,

         15) terminating, and penetrate in the zone (1) by transparent plate (13 at direct light,

         14) terminating, and extend across and cover described direct light penetrate the smooth described transparent plate in zone and extend across and cover smooth described scatter plate that described diffused light penetrates zone coplane each other;

    Direct light penetrates the circle that is shaped as in zone (1),The inboard that diffused light penetrates zone (2) is the boundary with loop wire (3), and its outside is the boundary with broken line or with another loop wire, and direct light reflector (4) is pivotally remained in the outer cover (10).

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