Forming intent-based clusters and employing same by search engine

Forming intent-based clusters and employing same by search engine

  • CN 1,755,687 A
  • Filed: 08/31/2005
  • Published: 04/05/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/30/2004
  • Status: Active Application
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1. one kind is used to analyze a plurality of search sessions and discerns wherein the method based on the cluster of intention, each session comprises from user'"'"'s the inquiry that at least one received and the search result set that is returned of a correspondence, each search result set comprises or relates at least one content, each cluster is represented one group of similar search sessions, these search sessions perceived as the common purpose of expression and can be mapped to a common search result set, and described method comprises:

  • For each search sessions is discerned the search result set of its each inquiry that is received, described correspondence and as the response to the search sessions of described correspondence, whether any certain content of described Search Results can be accepted for the user;

    AndBased on the concomitant of the text in the inquiry and in the common point of the judgement of Search Results at least one, search sessions is combined into cluster, described combination comprises;

    The form that structure has a plurality of clauses and subclauses, each clauses and subclauses is represented the session of a pair of uniqueness, so that in described form, each session and each other session pairing are once;

    Judge the intensity of the common point that its session is right for each clauses and subclauses of described form;

    According to the intensity that reduces the clauses and subclauses in the described form are resequenced;

    AndEach clauses and subclauses in the described form are regarded as resequence, determining whether that based on its intensity of being judged cluster based on intention is distributed in its each session, and, if then how to distribute.

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