Four-control type comprehensive coal mining method

Four-control type comprehensive coal mining method

  • CN 1,763,351 A
  • Filed: 12/12/2003
  • Published: 04/26/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/12/2003
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1. " four control " comprehensive coal-mining method of formula is on new idea and new and high technology platform, handles broken coal in the coal mining process, the relation between caving coal, fortune coal, ore deposit pressure, supporting and the advance of the face in optimized mode.Arrange parallel and vertical working at bottom:

  • work plane cut eye or inspection, preparatory working, the coal seam is divided into pane, in the coal seam, do not stay coal column.Production Regional is divided into driving, produce prepares and three sections of mining, and pushes forward comprehensively by a direction, and at driving with produce and prepare to carry out pre-gas-removing and works of treatment such as geological structure, mine water in the section, guarantees that production work normally carries out.During coal mining, the combined automatic control coal excavation apparatus is along seat earth pressure-bearing propelling continuously comprehensively, operations such as coal breakage, caving coal, work plane fortune coal, equipment propelling are finished in automatic control, have levels, the whole coal seam of extraction, program ground is arranged, super high seam the time is accomplished not destroy the layering in coal seam in exploitation, in order to exploitation once more.Press the broken coal height that above rule is rationally determined work plane, control height and width;

    Determine caving coal height and caving mode, determine the outage under the top board, the control top board requires to accomplish inbreak regularly and sedimentation;

    In caving coal process, accomplish that the bastard coal line is clearly demarcated, to improve the rate of recovery.Rationally determine force piece height, length, width, total amount is pressed in the ore deposit that reduces on work plane unit'"'"'s support, accomplish to adopt conventional hydraulic pressure puopulsion equipment pressure-bearing to advance coal excavation apparatus (comprising support frame), and realize mining mechanization, automation, unattended during working surface production, advance fast, realize highly efficient and productive, low consumption, low cost, the whole coal seam of extraction safely.Abbreviate as;

    " four controls " formula is (4KQ) coal-mining method comprehensively." four controls " is control high (work plane breaks the coal height, support height), and (caving coal height and mode) put in control, control top (the regular sedimentation of top board), automatic control (every coal mining operation is finished in the coal excavation apparatus automatic control) (is not stayed coal column comprehensively in the coal seam, push forward the whole coal seam of extraction comprehensively).

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