Feed pretreating

Feed pretreating

  • CN 1,764,620 B
  • Filed: 03/22/2004
  • Issued: 05/26/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/24/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the alkylation of an impure aromatic hydrocarbons stream, described method comprises:

  • (a) aromatic hydrocarbons is contacted at least with first molecular sieve of aperture 6 dusts, contact with second molecular sieve of aperture then, produce the aromatic hydrocarbons of handling less than 6 dusts;

    (b) alkylating reagent is contacted with one or more molecular sieves, produce the alkylating reagent of handling;

    With(c) in the presence of alkylation catalyst, under alkylation conditions, make aromatic hydrocarbons and the alkylating reagent handled, perhaps randomly contact with the alkylating reagent of handling, produce alkylating aromatic hydrocarbons;

    Wherein first molecular screening is from MCM-22, MCM-36, MCM-49, MCM-56, ITQ-1, ITQ-2, PSH-3, SSZ-25, zeolite beta, mordenite, zeolite omega, US-Y, Linde X type molecular sieve and combination thereof;

    With second molecular screening from ZSM-5, Linde A type molecular sieve and combination thereof.

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