Through-flow vacuum seawater desalination plant and method thereof

Through-flow vacuum seawater desalination plant and method thereof

  • CN 1,778,693 B
  • Filed: 01/27/2005
  • Issued: 05/02/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/27/2005
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1. the through-flow vacuum method for desalting seawater is characterized in that adopting the through-flow vacuum sea water distiling plant, connects seawater column (2) by the road by sea-water pump (1);

  • Seawater column connects degassing vessel (3), and degassing vessel (3) connects multiple-effect jar, single decalcification softening jar (4), boiler (8), interchanger and condensing surface, each multiple-effect jar series connection respectively;

    N is imitated the multiple-effect jar and is connected condensing surface, and condensing surface connects gas-liquid separator, and condensing surface or gas-liquid separator connect interchanger;

    N is imitated the multiple-effect jar and is connected extremely concentration tank, and said method is;

    the clarification seawater after killing livestock is sent into seawater column (2) by sea-water pump (1), introduces degassing vessel (3) the dual degassing of seething with excitement then;

    Hot sea water after the degassing gets into single decalcification softening jar (4), and to carry out single decalcification softening, each multiple-effect jar is evacuated again, and the water outlet of each multiple-effect jar answers preimpregnation in fresh-water pool when vacuumizing;

    Bleeding point is positioned at the top of gas-liquid separator, highly surpasses the highest liquid level of fresh-water pool more than 10 meters, treat that vacuum is evacuated to the limit after;

    Close vacuum pump, open the softening seawer outlet valve of single decalcification, the hot mastication seawater gets into one and imitates the multiple-effect jar;

    Imitate the multiple-effect jar by imitating through-flow until N then, flow into extremely concentration tank (9) at last, after the liquid level of extreme concentration tank arrives desired location;

    N effect multiple-effect jar just no longer includes liquid and continues to flow to extremely concentration tank;

    N is imitated multiple-effect jar liquid level and is also arrived the setting liquid level then, and also puts in place until an effect multiple-effect jar, changes works better over to;

    After system'"'"'s all liquid all puts in place;

    Extremely concentration tank (9) is also started working, and along with the carrying out of evaporation, each liquid volume of imitating the multiple-effect jar is all reducing;

    The part that reduces is all introduced by last effect multiple-effect jar;

    One imitates the multiple-effect jar then replenishes by constantly extracting softening seawater out in softening jar of single decalcification, and each is imitated the steam that produces before the multiple-effect jar and passes each multiple-effect jar of its all aftereffect separately and go out fresh water through condensation respectively, and described single decalcification is softening to be to get the insoluble calcium salt for inducing crystal seed;

    With the corresponding sodium salts is precipitation agent;

    Carry out induced crystallization under arbitrary temperature condition in normal temperature to boiling spread, induced crystallization carries out in retort, and described retort is water tank type structure or pot type structure.

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