Path merge and related method

Path merge and related method

  • CN 1,780,272 B
  • Filed: 11/19/2004
  • Issued: 01/05/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/19/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a path merges and relevant method, comprising:

  • One group of sampled value of the received signal of corresponding training sequence by parallel a collection of delayer, obtains a collection of data sequence at first respectively, and described delay value is to determine that by the path position information that path searcher module produces its time delay value is T Max-1-T k, T MaxBe the width of channel estimation window, T kIt is the k paths positional information that produces by path searcher module;

    With above-mentioned a collection of data sequence, through behind a collection of canceller, a T of output Max-1 data is deleted by canceller respectively, obtains first data sequence;

    With above-mentioned first data sequence, obtain second data sequence through behind a collection of down-sampler;

    With above-mentioned second data sequence, by with after the value of gripping multiplies each other altogether of the channel estimation value of respective path, pursue the element addition again, promptly obtain the 3rd data sequence by maximum ratio merging mode;

    With above-mentioned the 3rd data sequence, after pursuing element and multiply each other with gripping altogether of training sequence code word, obtain the dateout sequence.

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