Wireless communication management system

Wireless communication management system

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  • Filed: 12/09/2005
  • Issued: 07/03/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/09/2004
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1. one kind is used for the wireless communication management system that management has the radio communication device of the safety function that ensures communication safety, and described radio communication device comprises:

  • storage device is used for storage about the parameter of the safety function of radio communication;

    Transmission/receiving element is used for by transmitting described transmission data transmitting on the wireless signal that stacked data is added in WLAN (wireless local area network), and is used for extracting from the wireless signal that receives and receives data;

    And lower-layer protocols control unit, be used for to transmit the data that the upper strata parts by described radio communication device generate, and for the treatment of the described reception data of being extracted by described transmission/receiving element and the data after will handling be input to upper strata parts in the described radio communication device;

    And described radio communication device starts the radio communication control task that runs in the described lower-layer protocols control unit when being energized;

    Described wireless communication management system comprises;

    When being configured to convenient described radio communication device and can carrying out radio communication with external device (ED), whether the safety function of judging described communicator is at the safe judging unit of work;

    AndThe communication limiting unit, its in safety function that described safe judgment unit judges goes out described communicator behind work one scheduled time slot, the radio communication of restriction and described external device (ED);

    Wherein said safe judging unit is configured to;

    if (a) run on radio communication control task in the described lower-layer protocols control unit with " open system " mode operation of not carrying out shared key authentication or IEEE802.1x authentication or (b) run on radio communication control task in the described lower-layer protocols control unit not carry out " nothing " mode operation that utilizes the encryption that wep encryption key, TKIP key or AES key carry out, then judge the safety function that runs on the radio communication control task in the described lower-layer protocols control unit and do not work;

    Otherwise, judge safety function in work;

    Wherein said communication limiting unit is configured to;

    do not work if judge safety function, then begin to measure since safety function being judged as time since not working;

    And when since time measurement begins, having pass by described scheduled time slot, at least one that carry out in the following operation also shows alert message;

    (1) stops to described transmission/receiving element power supply and (2) radio communication control task in described lower-layer protocols control unit out of service.

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