Link exit device for optical transceiver

Link exit device for optical transceiver

  • CN 1,801,671 B
  • Filed: 12/31/2004
  • Issued: 11/28/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/31/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the link exit device of an optical transceiver, it is arranged at the optical transceiver with a substrate, and this optical transceiver is placed in the housing with a substrate slot;

  • Ccontaining this base plate rear section part of this substrate slot;

    It is characterized in that this housing has at least one reed, this extractor includes;

    At least one releaser is positioned at the side of optical transceiver, and this releaser has a groove and a convex body;

    At least one pull handle portion, it is arranged at the optical fiber receiving terminal of this optical transceiver, and this pull handle portion can an axle center carries out one and rotatablely moves, and this pull handle portion is provided with the side of a cam body in this axle center, and this pull handle portion has the body of colluding;

    AndAt least one gonnecting rod body;

    It is positioned at a side of this optical transceiver;

    At least one end of this gonnecting rod body and the closing mutually of this housing are provided with an elastomer in a side of this gonnecting rod body, and this elastomer is connected with this gonnecting rod body with an end;

    And be connected in this optical transceiver with the other end, this elastomer provides elastic restoring force to make this pull handle portion get back to initial position;

    Wherein, Through forcing in this pull handle portion, make this pull handle portion carry out this and rotatablely move and make this collude body to act on the recessed edge of this groove and then promote this releaser and carry out a sliding motion, make the side of this this optical transceiver of convex body protrusion along the direction of this optical fiber receiving terminal;

    Utilize this convex body to withstand this reed;

    Be fixed in this optical transceiver of this housing and make this cam body act on this gonnecting rod body so that thereby this reed breaks away from the clamped position release of this optical transceiver, when cam body acted on this gonnecting rod body, at least one end of this gonnecting rod body was through forcing in this housing;

    And then produce reaction force in this optical transceiver;

    Make this optical transceiver produce a displacement movement and break away from this substrate slot, and then break away from this housing, when this substrate breaks away from this substrate slot;

    When this optical transceiver breaks away from this housing;

    Cam body bottom flat zone engage temporary transient fixing with the gonnecting rod body front end, this pull handle portion breaks away from the front end of this gonnecting rod body slightly through reverse rotatablely moving then, and the elastic restoring force through this elastomer generation makes this pull handle portion answer position again.

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