Suspended transparent shed for non-powered vehicle rider

Suspended transparent shed for non-powered vehicle rider

  • CN 1,803,520 B
  • Filed: 12/09/2005
  • Issued: 12/05/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/09/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. one kind supplies the suspended transparent shed of unpowered vehicle rider use;

  • It is characterized in that by transparent weather screen (1) with 95% above light transmittance;

    The folding also little sloping sedan-chair Peng Ding of convertible shape of disassembled contraction;

    Collapsible rotation adjusting support;

    The multipurpose support bearing constitutes;

    Has a side door (37) on the transparent weather screen (1) at least;

    Constitute by the tail end of band wrinkle pleat, the base (86) that takes the shape of the letter U;

    The end face of little sloping sedan-chair Peng Ding (3) is supported by support frame, and this support frame is by at least 2 of a support bone, support bone angle regulation control plate (a

         12) formation of the band (6) of folding support usefulness of being made by the moderate metallic material of high resiliency rigidity, disassembled collapsible and scalable shape length, and little sloping top adjustable pipe, disassembled or can fold, have the sun-proof end face of waterproof (3) of a slice limit curtain (36) at least with band (6) is arranged on little sloping sedan-chair Peng Ding;

    Have on the collapsible swinging strut in vertical direction scalable regulate height and can along the cramp bar of horizontal surface 90 degree rotations, have vertically 90 degree rotations revolving joint, the arm of choosing of the collapsible adjusting that becomes 90-135 degree inclination angle in horizontal direction with cramp bar is arranged;

    The upper backup pad (31) of the inverted T-shaped of band dip plane, the lower supporting plate (32) that band tilts to wear upright awl (97) are arranged on the multipurpose support bearing, and upper backup pad (31) and lower supporting plate respectively have at least 2 holes for (32) four jiaos, are fixed on the unpowered vehicle support or ground through screw and nut or plug pin (100).

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