Gateway unit

Gateway unit

  • CN 1,812,362 B
  • Filed: 09/05/2005
  • Issued: 01/11/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/25/2005
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1. gateway unit;

  • It mutually connects user network, public switch telephone network PSTN and packet communication network and coordinates to belong to the voice communication between the terminal of each network;

    Wherein said user network comprises the base station with the portable terminal radio communication, it is characterized in that said gateway unit comprises;

    Be connected to the PSTN interface (12) of circuit switching network through first subscribers feeder (115);

    Be connected to the User Network Interface (11) of user network through second subscribers feeder (114), the communication performance of said second subscribers feeder (114) is more than or equal to the communication performance of first subscribers feeder (115);

    Be used in the middle of user network, PSTN and packet communication network, exchanging the crosspoint (100) that is connected communication path;

    Be used to be controlled at the control unit (16) of connection status of the communication path at crosspoint place;

    Be used between crosspoint and packet communication network, to send the signal conversion unit (14) of form that converts the communication protocol of the communication protocol that is suitable for packet communication network and user network with the signal form that receives respectively into;

    Be used for carrying out route control will send to the switch unit (15) of the destination of packet communication network from the signal of signal conversion unit output;

    AndInformation communication unit is used for communicating by letter through using general local area network (LAN) LAN in the middle of User Network Interface, PSTN interface, control unit, signal conversion unit and switch unit, to coordinate internal information,Wherein this information communication unit comprises;

    first lan switch that is connected to User Network Interface via general LAN;

    Be connected to second lan switch of PSTN via general LAN;

    Be connected to the 3rd lan switch of control unit via general LAN;

    And the 4th lan switch that is connected to signal conversion unit via general LAN;

    In addition;

    First to the 4th switch is connected to each other via general LAN;

    First to the 4th lan switch has notification unit respectively, is used for spontaneously monitoring the mode of operation of self, to notify these results via general LAN to control unit.

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