Child seat

Child seat

  • CN 1,817,685 B
  • Filed: 02/11/2003
  • Issued: 07/16/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/11/2002
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a child seat, described child seat is sitting in automobile for children, and described child seat comprises:

  • A pedestal, described pedestal has the seat face of receiving children;

    A backrest;

    Yi Ge bindiny mechanism, described bindiny mechanism connects described pedestal and backrest pivotly, and described bindiny mechanism comprises a plurality of hooks that engage with a bar, and described bar is arranged in seat face;

    A lockout mechanism, it is for locking the top section of described backrest with respect to the position of the base section of described backrest, and described lockout mechanism comprises the chain shot that is positioned to engage a series of notches;

    AndA releasing mechanism, it is for loosening described backrest, and described releasing mechanism comprises a handle that is positioned at described backrest top, and described handle is connected with rigid pipe a pair of and that described chain shot cooperatively interacts;

    Wherein the plane of bending of at least one hook in a plurality of hooks is relative with the plane of bending of at least two hooks in other hook;

    Wherein, it is upper that all hooks are connected to one of described pedestal and described backrest, and described bar is connected on another of described pedestal and described backrest;

    Wherein, described child seat is constituted as on the seat that is placed on automobile,Wherein, described child seat has tape channel, and described tape channel is configured to receive the safety strap of automobile confining guard system and with respect to the safety strap of children'"'"'s holding vehicles confining guard system with respect to children;

    Wherein said bar comprises a plurality of flat parts, at least one in wherein said a plurality of flat part is towards a front portion of described child seat, and the plane of bending of described hook is aimed at the flat part of described bar, so that hook can depart from by described flat part and with described bar;

    AndWherein, described pedestal and described backrest cooperation with at described backrest, around described bindiny mechanism, relative to dry described pedestal, from normal use location, rotate about 180 while spending separately.

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