Electronic equipment

Electronic equipment

  • CN 1,825,922 B
  • Filed: 02/24/2006
  • Issued: 01/11/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/24/2005
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1. electronic equipment comprises:

  • Casing;

    Be fitted to the image display apparatus of said casing;

    Be fitted to the loud speaker in the said casing, wherein;

    Said image display apparatus is equipped with the visual display surface towards casing the place ahead;

    It is surperficial that said loud speaker is equipped with the audio emission that when casing the place ahead is watched, tilts;

    AndThe sound reflection surface of the sound that is used for sending from said loud speaker to front-reflection is arranged on said casing,Wherein, Said visual display surface is rectangle basically;

    Mounting panel is arranged on the position below the said visual display surface downside of being positioned at of said casing;

    This mounting panel extends along the length that left and right directions runs through this downside, and is downward-sloping when the place ahead is watched, and is positioned at said visual display surface back;

    Said loud speaker is arranged at respectively above a said mounting panel left side and the right part position, and its audio emission surface is downward-sloping when the place ahead is watched;

    On many audio emission hole is formed on the zone that front surface said mounting panel, said loud speaker faces and run through this mounting panel, from the audio emission of each loud speaker to this zone;

    Reflector is formed on the below of said mounting panel, and the length that runs through said mounting panel is extended;

    Said sound reflection surface is formed on the upper surface of said reflector, and the length that runs through said reflector is extended and when the place ahead is watched, is inclined upwardly;

    AndThe space of forwards opening wide is formed between said mounting panel and the said sound reflection surface, and extend on said mounting panel and said sound reflection surface in the left and right directions upper edge.

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