Method and apparatus for providing mobility within a network

Method and apparatus for providing mobility within a network

  • CN 1,829,196 B
  • Filed: 10/31/2000
  • Issued: 06/10/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/03/1999
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1. a kind of device nonshared control unit being repositioned onto the second access point of multiple access point in the distribution services net of radio telecommunications system, wherein said distribution services net comprises multiple access point, first access point of described multiple access point comprises nonshared control unit, described distribution services net also comprises multiple router, described distribution services net also comprises for providing multiple service units of standards service for multiple accessing terminal, described nonshared control unit communicates with a service unit in described multiple service unit, it is characterized in that, this device comprises:

  • To be sent to the device of described second access point from described first access point for one first being reorientated message, wherein said first reorientates message comprises the nonshared control unit constituent information communicated with described service unit;

    The device that described first reorientates message is received at described second access point place;

    In described second access point place Resources allocation, for generation of the device of the local replica of described nonshared control unit;

    The constituent information that comprises in message is reorientated by the device of described initializing resource according to described first at described second access point place;

    WithFor sending the device of one or more first standard routing message from described second access point, one or more routers in the described multiple router of wherein said first standard routing message instruction, be sent to described second access point with lower cost by containing the grouping of destination address associated with described nonshared control unit, this cost is lower than cost when described grouping being sent to described first access point.

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