Coated plywood

Coated plywood

  • CN 1,843,755 A
  • Filed: 11/20/2005
  • Published: 10/11/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/20/2005
  • Status: Active Application
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1. , a kind of coated plywood:

  • feature of the present invention is to be deployed into stick with various paint to replace glue, and bonding;

    the holocentric filled board;

    double-deck heart filled board, the double-deck heart accompany theft-prevention clamp core, the powder paints plywood of reinforcing bar, the centre accompanies the powder coated plywood of reinforcing bar, the coated plywood that the multilayer dermatotome is bonding can be made into;

    the production board that long 0.5-3 rice, wide 0.2-1.6 rice, all lengths of thick 3-40 millimeter, width, thickness do not wait.(1) 1. described according to claim, its bonding individual layer filled board technology is;

    brush the paint adhesion agent after the plank of having planished with thicknessing machine sequences, it is tight to install on the arrange anode machine row after half-dried.Take off after the drying, dermatotome single face with 1.5 millimeters-2 millimeters thick brushes paint, the two-sided paint that brushes of the core that sequences, but single or double is arranged two-layer dermatotome as required, is put on the iron sheet after half-dried to get togather, and goes up on the forcing press then to compress, take out dry back, paint the putty levelling again, cut flat, dry back sapin, brush color, brush finish paint after the drying.(2) 1. described according to claim, its bonding double layer sandwich plate technology is;

    the plank of having planished with thicknessing machine is discharged on the iron sheet, brushes to use with a kind of plank behind the paint to brush paint one by one again, and the direction that staggers sequences, arranges tight.Can sequence dermatotome earlier to iron sheet if desired, arrange plank again, arrange dermatotome again after having arranged plank, install on the forcing press and compress, dry back is taken out and is painted putty, levelling, cuts flat, sapin and brushes color, brushes finish paint after doing.The centre accompanies reinforcing bar, can do the anti-plate of usurping.(3) 1. described according to claim, its bonding powder coated plywood technology is;

    the powder with the dried bamboo and wood of baking, fiber, husk mixes with the paint stick, install to after half-dried and install to then on the iron sheet framework on the forcing press, with forcing press compress, dry back takes out, remove the iron sheet framework and put well.Paint putty after the drying and wipe off, brush color after the sapin, dry back brush finish lacquer.The shape of iron sheet framework, big I are customized according to market demand, are subjected to lacquer painting to need wax polish.(4) 1. described according to claim, its bonding multilayer dermatotome technology is;

    the dermatotome with the 0.2-1.5 millimeters thick brushes paint, and the direction that can level as required staggers row be incorporated on the iron sheet plate.Half-dried back compresses with forcing press.Take out after 4 hours to the 2 days dryings, set level, etc. brush finish paint after one to three day.

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