Method of measuring ginsenoside Rb1 content in Chinese medicine

Method of measuring ginsenoside Rb1 content in Chinese medicine

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  • Filed: 04/05/2005
  • Issued: 10/10/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/05/2005
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1. ginsenoside Rb1'"'"'s content assaying method in the Chinese medicine compound prescription is characterized in that, is carrying out before high performance liquid chromatography detects confession test agent solution being carried out the solid phase extraction techniques pre-treatment;

  • Said sample liquid is treated to solid phase extraction techniques;

    Get comfortable of three ginsengs, porphyrize;

    Get sheet powder 1g, accurate title is fixed, puts in the 100mL flask, the accurate methyl alcohol 50mL that adds, and weight decided in accurate title;

    Heating and refluxing extraction 1.5h is put coldly, and accurate again the title decided weight, supplies the weight that subtracts mistake with methyl alcohol;

    Shake up, filter, precision is measured subsequent filtrate 25mL, water bath method;

    Residue is with 1% ammonia solvent, on the ODS pillar handled well, the flow velocity of appearance and elution process is not more than 0.7mL.min in the control -1, with 1% ammoniacal liquor 10mL flushing, with 30% methyl alcohol 10mL flushing, use the 10mL washed with methanol at last again, collect methanol solution, be settled to 10mL, shake up, promptly get;

    The disposal route of said solid phase extraction column is;

    takes by weighing 50~

    100 order filler 1.5g, places in the internal diameter 1cm glass pillar, add methyl alcohol 20mL flushing, and with 1% ammoniacal liquor 20mL flushing, subsequent use again.

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