Heater and method for manufacture heater using PCB

Heater and method for manufacture heater using PCB

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  • Filed: 09/17/2004
  • Issued: 10/03/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/17/2003
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1. method of utilizing PCB technology to make heater said method comprising the steps of:

  • Material through on a side of thermal insulation board, applying according to power supply generation heat forms thin plate;

    On the upside of said thermal insulation board, form mask pattern;

    Said mask pattern forms circuit pattern;

    Said circuit pattern is designed to have;

    be designed to have constant resistance heating resistor, be used for to the power supply terminal of said heating resistor supply electric power, the tab terminal and the transducer splicing ear of sensor stand;

    Wherein, Said sensor stand is equipped with the transducer of the heating-up temperature around the presumptive area that is used to measure said heating resistor, and said transducer splicing ear is used to make and outsidely reads measured temperature from said transducer;

    Carry out etching, be formed with the thermal insulation board of said mask pattern and form heater with said circuit pattern with corrosion;

    AndBe formed for protecting the insulation protection film of the said pattern on the upside that is formed at said thermal insulation board;

    Wherein, confirm as the said circuit pattern on the upside that is formed at said thermal insulation board through following equality 1;


    pL/AWherein, p is the resistivity of said heating resistor, and L is a length, and A is cross-sectional area, andWherein, Utilize two kinds of different materials to apply said thermal insulation board respectively and form said heating resistor with high temperature difference electromotive force;

    Whether said heating resistor is according to supplying electric power generation heat, and form thermocouple, and said thermal insulation board is formed with the through hole that is used to connect said different material.

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