Method for purifying salvianolic acid B

Method for purifying salvianolic acid B

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  • Filed: 07/13/2006
  • Published: 12/13/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/13/2006
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1. method of extracting the purifying salvianolic acid B is characterized in that:

  • Use earlier microwave extraction, back polymeric amide chromatography purifying salvianolic acid B, concrete steps comprise;

    (1) microwave treatment;

    use the fresh red rooted salvia of microwave treatment, or extract with microwave-assisted;

    A. microwave is to the processing of the bright medicinal material of the red sage root;

    the red rooted salvia of getting water content 20 ~ 65%, be paved into the thickness of 5 ~ 20mm equably, place microwave field to handle 1 ~ 10min, dry then, or directly add water and extract by 1;

    5 ~ 15 material ratios, extracting solution after gauze filters, the centrifugal precipitation of removing under 1000 ~ 5000rpm;

    B. microwave-assisted extracts;

    red rooted salvia is pulverized, and crosses 10 ~ 60 mesh sieves, gets the red rooted salvia powder and adds entry by 1;

    5 ~ 15 solid-liquid ratio, places microwave field to handle 1 ~ 20min then, extracting solution after gauze filters under 1000 ~ 5000rpm the centrifugal precipitation of removing;

    (2) polyamide column chromatography;

    supernatant liquor through polymeric amide (polycaprolactam, polyamide) column chromatography is successively with water, 20 ~ 50% ethanol elution removal of impurities, the ethanol elution salvianolic acid B with 60 ~ 80% merges the elutriant that contains salvianolic acid B, after concentrating under reduced pressure reclaims ethanol, the concentrated solution lyophilize.

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