Compounds for dual photodiagnosis and therapy

Compounds for dual photodiagnosis and therapy

  • CN 1,894,344 A
  • Filed: 10/07/2004
  • Published: 01/10/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/14/2003
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a photoactivation composition comprises E--L--DYE--X--N 3At least a compound of (formula 1), E--L--DYE--X--Y (formula 2) or the pharmaceutically acceptable preparation of its combination, wherein:

  • DYE is selected from cyanines indigo plant, indoles cyanines indigo plant, phthalocyanine, rhodamine, phenoxazine, thiodiphenylamine, phenoselenazine, fluorescein, porphyrin, benzoporphyrin, squaraines, corrin, croconiums, azoic dyestuff, methine dyes and indoline dye,Y is selected from any Dye, hydrogen, halogen, anthracycline, trinitride, C1-C20 and crosses oxyalkyl, C1-C20 peroxide aryl, C1-C20 sulfenatoalkyl, sulfenatoaryl, diazotizing dyes, chlorin, naphthalene phthalocyanine, methylenum coeruleum and chalcogenopyrylium analogueE is selected from promotes growth inhibin receptor binding molecule, temperature-sensitive bacterioendotoxin receptor binding molecule, neurotensin receptor binding molecule, bombesin receptor binding molecule, cholecystekinin receptors bind molecule, steroid receptor binding molecule, carbohydrate receptors bind molecule and hydrogen;

    L is selected from-(CH 2) a-,-(CH 2) bCONR 1-,-N (R 2) CO (CH 2) c-,-OCO (CH 2) d-,-(CH 2) eCO 2-,-OCONH-,-OCO 2-,-HNCONH-,-HNCSNH-,-HNNHCO-,-OSO 2-,-NR 3(CH 2) eCONR 4-,-CONR 5(CH 2) fNR 6CO-and-NR 7CO (CH 2) gCONR 8-;

    X is singly-bound or is selected from-(CH 2) h-,-OCO-,-HNCO-,-(CH 2) iCO-and-(CH 2) jOCO-;

    R 1To R 8Independently be selected from hydrogen, C1-C10 alkyl ,-OH, C1-C10 polyhydroxy alkyl, C1-C10 alkoxyl group, C1-C10 alkoxyalkyl ,-SO 3H ,-(CH 2) kCO 2H and-(CH 2) lNR 9R 10R 9And R 10Independently be selected from hydrogen, C1-C10 alkyl, C5-C10 aryl and C1-C10 polyhydroxy alkyl;

    With A to l is 0~

    10 independently, as photosensitive composition.

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