Supplementary visual display system

Supplementary visual display system

  • CN 1,894,961 B
  • Filed: 12/20/2004
  • Issued: 06/19/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/18/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. supplementary visual display system (10 that is combined with display unit (40), 200), this display unit comprises that this supplementary visual display system (10,200) comprising be used to presenting the image display area (50) of image to spectators (15):

  • (a) one or more light sources (100a, 100b, 110,120,730), it configures with one of following at least structure;

    (i) at least in part around around described image display area (50);

    With(ii) thus being configured to throw the illumination of sending from it will be that the visual zone that presents is illuminated at least in part around around image display area (50) for spectators (15);

    (b) monitor apparatus be used for to monitor one of following at least;

    (i) audio programs;

    And(ii) be thereon now in whole image display area (50) or at one or more subregions (300 of image display area (50) when image, 310,320,330) intensity in and/or color and/or depth information, wherein said depth information is and relates to perpendicular to the relevant information of the information of the position of the object in the image on the direction of image display areaAnd this monitor apparatus produces corresponding image and/or audio frequency index signal;

    And(c) control device, (500), be used for controlling from one or more light sources in response to described image and/or audio frequency index signal, (100a, 100b, 110, the light radiation of

         120) in use sending, thereby provide image display area, (50) at least part of spatial spread, described spatial spread is to spatially closing on described one or more light source, (100a, 100b, 110, at least part of imitation of the intensity of image display area

         120) and/or color and/or depth informationWherein said monitor apparatus produces the image index signal corresponding with depth information in the following manner, and described mode is for making;

    (i) by one or more light sources (100a, 100b, 110,120;

    The position of the light radiation of

         730) sending;

    (ii) by one or more light sources (100a, 100b, 110,120;

    The color of the light radiation of

         730) sending and/or brightness and/or intensity;

    Perhaps(iii) a plurality of light sources (730) thus being forced the order of sending successively the motion that light radiation imitates with predefined procedure forcesBe associated with at least one position that is presented at the object on described image display area (50).

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