Microconsumption electronic lock with power-supply provided by key

Microconsumption electronic lock with power-supply provided by key

  • CN 1,896,443 A
  • Filed: 08/09/2005
  • Published: 01/17/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/09/2005
  • Status: Active Application
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1. , a kind of little power consumption electronic lock that power supply is provided by key, it comprises shell (23), dead bolt (22), the whirligig of unblanking (29) of unblanking as artificial rotation, the keyhole device (25) that contains contact (20) and key hole (21), be electrically connected the electronic circuit device (31) that is used for password storage, communication, identification and Based Intelligent Control with contact (20), be electrically connected and be subjected to its electro-mechanical driving device of controlling current drives with electronic circuit device (31), wherein:

  • (1) being provided with in the included contact (20) of keyhole device (25) for electronic circuit device (31) is the power supply power supply contact of unique electric approach, and this power supply power supply contact is electrically connected with the power input of electronic circuit device (31);

    (2) thus be provided with the upset and of can being triggered at keep its machine performance decision to unblank after the upset mechanical switching device that can whirligig (29) make dead bolt (22) move when rotation is unblanked, this mechanical switching device is driven by electro-mechanical driving device, it comprises the lever (41) or the slide block (50) that can be turned to another stable state mechanical location under the triggering of of short duration external force from a stable state mechanical location, the stable state mechanical location that arrives after wherein being driven by electro-mechanical driving device is a unlocking condition, another stable state mechanical location is non-unlocking condition, and this mechanical switching device also comprises spring (37) or magnet (47);

    (3) being provided with the manual operation power of being transmitted when utilizing the whirligig (29) of unblanking to rotate makes mechanical switching device reset to the mechanical return mechanism of non-unlocking condition from unlocking condition, this mechanical return mechanism is located at when the whirligig of unblanking (29) rotates and on the part of mechanical switching device generation relative displacement campaign, it comprises the slide construction that relative slip and the contact of generation power can take place with the mechanical switching device that is in unlocking condition that is located on this part.

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