vertical gas making furnace using common industrial coal to produce metallurgical gas

vertical gas making furnace using common industrial coal to produce metallurgical gas

  • CN 1,900,233 A
  • Filed: 12/20/2005
  • Published: 01/24/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/20/2005
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1. vertical gas stove that utilizes common industrial coal to make metallurgical coal gas.It is made up of metal furnace shell, refractorily lined, cinder notch, air port, loading device, coal gas e Foerderanlage etc.It is characterized in that:

  • the vertical gas stove is designed to five-part form;

    The vertical gas furnace interior forms liquid zone, combustion zone, reduction zone, preheating zone and cloth district during production;

    Be provided with the air port and blast the agent of system gas;

    Be provided with cinder notch and realize slag tap.Metal furnace shell (1) guarantees the resistance to air loss of vertical gas stove;

    High alumina matter refractorily lined (2) guarantees that the vertical gas stove and accessory has high temperature resistant property;

    Cinder notch (3) discharges out of the furnace with the liquid slag that ash content of coal after will burning and flux form;

    Air port (4) guarantees evenly to blast system gas agent burning coal;

    Furnace charge (coal+flux) is packed into by loading device (5) in the stove;

    The coal gas that produces is sent to blast furnace by coal gas e Foerderanlage (6) after dust removal process.During production, form liquid zone (I) in the cupola well (7) with storage and regular discharging liquid slag;

    Bosh (8) forms combustion zone (II) to produce initial coal gas and heat;

    Form combustion zone (III) in the furnace bosh (9), high temperature reduction layer is at an upper portion thereof changed the CO in the initial coal gas 2Shaft (10) forms preliminary heating zone (IV) is gone into stove with heating coal;

    Furnace throat (11) forms cloth district (V) and rationally distributes to finish furnace charge.Can be met the metallurgical coal gas of the required composition of blast-furnace smelting, pressure and temperature requirement by above-mentioned technological process.

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