Distributed color coordination system and method

Distributed color coordination system and method

  • CN 1,902,652 B
  • Filed: 11/05/2004
  • Issued: 01/02/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/06/2003
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1. a kind of color selection system, including:

  • Remote terminal;

    AndThe server of remote terminal is communicably connected to,The server and remote terminal cooperation:

    The starting color selected by user is received at the remote terminal,It is determined that one or more complementary colors of starting color, andThere is provided one or more palettes to remote terminal for show to the user, every kind of palette all include described in byThe starting color and one or more complementary colors that user selectes,Its remote terminal shows one or more palettes, and selected color combination storage in the server;

    AndWherein, the computer at the remote terminal can be configured to:

    Allow users to perform automatic fine tuning using display deviceOperation, to be finely adjusted to selected color, so as to by being interacted with display device constantly to adjust the spy of selected colorOne of sign, the fine setting operation include:

    The first color data structure associated with selecting color, the first color data structure are accessed using the computerThe key of the color after the identifier of color and the fine setting of the selected color of (ii) mark is selected comprising (i);

    AndUsing the computer by being accessed and the color after fine setting based on the key included in the first color data structureThe second associated color data structure come fetch fine setting after color;

    AndWherein, the first color data structure and the second color data structure, which are included in, is stored in computer and can inquire aboutIn multiple addressable color data structures in database, each in the multiple addressable color data structure and storageOne of multiple colors in the database are associated, and each, which may have access to color data structure, also includes according to same wayThe identical predetermined set of multiple data elements of sequence;

    And wherein, one of data element in each color data structure refers toThe color after fine setting is determined.

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