Rotary theft protection device for vehicle aerial

Rotary theft protection device for vehicle aerial

  • CN 1,909,282 B
  • Filed: 08/17/2006
  • Issued: 04/20/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/17/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a car antenna rotates the theftproof self-locking device, it is characterized in that comprising mast, connecting screw rod, rotary connector, Connection Block, Anti-theft washer and base, base top is provided with slotted eye, Connection Block is installed in the base, Connection Block has the Connection Block body, is provided with two connecting rings parallel to each other on Connection Block body top;

  • Anti-theft washer is contained in the Connection Block body, and Anti-theft washer top is provided with antitheft hole clipping, has elastic groove in the Anti-theft washer both sides, makes Anti-theft washer form two flexure strips, and the bottom is provided with the anti-theft lock tieholen;

    In the connecting ring on Connection Block body top, rotary connector is housed, the rotary connector two ends are provided with the assembling step and match with connecting ring, rotate in connecting ring, rotary connector is provided with tapped through hole, and the rotary connector bottom compresses and is assembled in Anti-theft washer top;

    Connecting screw rod is equipped with in the mast bottom, connecting screw rod is provided with threaded rod, threaded rod matches with the tapped through hole that rotary connector is provided with, the threaded rod front end is provided with antitheft cone, the slotted eye of connecting screw rod by base top is screwed into threaded rod in the tapped through hole on the rotary connector during assembling, antitheft cone passes the antitheft hole clipping in tapped through hole and the Anti-theft washer simultaneously, tightens connecting screw rod, and antitheft cone inserts the anti-theft lock tieholen that is arranged on the Anti-theft washer bottom;

    Be provided with conductive connecting piece in Connection Block body bottom, link to each other with antenna amplifier antennafire by lead;

    Described connecting screw rod is connected with antenna in the mast;

    Described connecting screw rod, rotary connector, Connection Block adopt conductive metallic material to constitute.

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