Polyurethane polishing pad

Polyurethane polishing pad

  • CN 1,914,241 B
  • Filed: 01/13/2005
  • Issued: 03/23/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/03/2004
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1. a formation is fit to semiconductor chip is carried out the method for the polishing pad of leveling, and the method may further comprise the steps:

  • Cast polyurethane polymeric material, curing agent and expandable polymer microsphere in mould, described polyurethane polymeric material derives from the prepolymer polyalcohol and multifunctional aromatic isocyanate reacts the prepolymer reaction that generates isocyanate-terminated product, described multifunctional aromatic isocyanate uses with the aliphatic isocyanate of content less than 8 % by weight, described isocyanate-terminated product comprises the unreacted NCO of 4.5-8.7 % by weight, described expandable polymer microsphere comprises the microsphere that expands in advance or original position expands, and described expandable polymer microsphere is hollow;

    Make described isocyanate-terminated product gelling, to be derived from the distribution of the hole of expandable polymer microsphere in the control mould;

    The heat release of the isocyanate-terminated product of restriction casting, make temperature be lower than 120 ℃

    , with control in the mould blocks and the polishing pad made by blocks in the density uniformity of expandable polymer microsphere, described polishing pad comprises the expandable polymer microsphere of at least 0.1 volume %;

    With the expandable polymer microsphere in curing agent and the isocyanate reaction product the isocyanate-terminated product of gelling is solidified, to form blocks, described curing agent is selected from curing agent polyamines, curing agent polyalcohol, curing agent hydramine and composition thereof.

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