Chinese medicinal compound formulation of anticancer zanthoxylum and curcuma zedoaria

Chinese medicinal compound formulation of anticancer zanthoxylum and curcuma zedoaria

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  • Filed: 08/28/2005
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1. anticancer zanthoxylum cowherb compound Chinese medicinal preparation, it is characterized in that preparation method is:

  • 1. crude drug is for subsequent use;

    crude drug is formed by the Oleum Curcumae mixed preparing of extracting in the Semen zanthoxyli embryo oil that extracts in the Semen zanthoxyli and the Rhizoma Curcumae, its processing is divided into three phases, the one, the processing Semen zanthoxyli embryo oil, at the interim collection Semen zanthoxyli of annual pepper picking in autumn, add and in Semen Maydis, wheat debranner machinery, telescope through machinery first man-hour, the Semen zanthoxyli exodermis is broken away from inner shell, in water, wash twice after forming sticky shape, water temperature keeps about 80 ℃

    for the first time, flush away exodermis oils and fats and granulated slag;

    In the room temperature pond, clean for the second time the exodermis granulated slag and pull the empty seed that floats on the water surface out, obtain the complete embryo core light seed that contains, again the light seed is squeezed apparatus processing with vegetable oil and go out crude oil, at last with crude oil at 5 ℃

    ---seasoning is more than one month under-10 ℃

    of cryogenic conditions, after low temperature is analysed layer, get supernatant liquid filtering, obtain Semen zanthoxyli embryo oil;

    The 2nd, the processing Oleum Curcumae, in season early winter, when treating that the Rhizoma Curcumae aerial parts is withered, dig out rhizome and clean, drop in the steam distillation retort behind the pulverizing pulping, behind steam distillation, obtain thick Oleum Curcumae, again thick Oleum Curcumae is placed and spent the night, form water oil content layer, behind the taking-up moisture content Oleum Curcumae is dropped in the Ke Shi alembic, behind high-vacuum fractionation, obtain Oleum Curcumae;

    The 3rd, crude drug is mixed, and is rotten for fear of the Oleum Curcumae oxydative spoilage, immediately the Oleum Curcumae that processes added in the Semen zanthoxyli embryo oil for subsequent use in preparation raw material medicine prescription ratio, obtains crude drug for subsequent use;

    2. for subsequent use and preparation processing of base material;

    each preparation is all without oxidation and corrosion inhibitor, suppository base is semi-synthetic fatty acid ester, select mixed fatty glycerides for subsequent use in right amount, make respectively again green pepper cowherb soft capsule and Rhizoma Curcumae bolt, wherein Semen zanthoxyli embryo oil accounts for 80% in the green pepper cowherb soft capsule crude drug percentage by weight, Oleum Curcumae accounts for 20%, is processed into soft capsule through the soft capsule production line under the mixing state, every dress crude drug 0.5 gram;

    Per thousand raw materials of green pepper cowherb bolt are comprised of crude drug Semen zanthoxyli embryo oil 10 grams, Oleum Curcumae 10 grams and base material mixed fatty glycerides 480 grams, add first mixed fatty glycerides is dissolved in 60 ℃

    of water-baths man-hour after, add crude drug, when treating behind the mixing that temperature is down to 40 ℃

    of left and right sides, before solidifying in 1000 vaginal suppository moulds of impouring, the slightly cold mould of scraping gets vaginal suppository, and every heavily approximately 0.5 restrains.

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