Lateral sight and back sight system of automobile

Lateral sight and back sight system of automobile

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  • Filed: 04/26/2006
  • Issued: 12/14/2011
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1. a lateral sight and back sight system of automobile is a kind of by optical element, light path, and hookup mechanism, the system that registration device constitutes, optical element comprises lens, prism in the system;

  • Be incident upon on the Windshield in the appropriate location in chaufeur the place ahead or through projectoscope by native system automobile rear flank Scenery Imaging, during driver'"'"'s observation automobile proceeds posterolateral, can notice simultaneously that front vehicles originally, the feature of this optical system is;

    lens are arranged at the automobile both sides in the optical system, before lens are divided into, the single minute surface in back, minute surface (1) (27) before the lens, the back light path of minute surface before the lens, optical element, minute surface behind the lens (5) (33) is an integral body, constitute centered optical system, image in appropriate location, chaufeur the place ahead, system is made by integral material, and wherein optical element is the prism that is used to change light and optical path direction;

    Optical system constitutes centered optical system by each separate optical element, light path in air, each separate optical element is lens and prism, by light tube location, adopts manually or the electricity driving displacement control apparatus, regulates the relative position between each optical element;

    Optical element in the optical system, light path part or the whole elastooptics material that adopts, adopt the optical element of elastooptics material, light path or be solid, or be hollow, when being hollow, it is hollow as cavity (18) (7) (12), in fill transparency liquid, adopting the optical element of elastooptics material is lens, its lens wall, curvature and position by lens wall curved surface have different wall, when inner chamber liquid pressure change, curvature mirror, radius of curvature or curved surface change, its principle is identical with the curvature of eyeball contraction of muscle scalable spheroid and sphere, changes the focal power and the imaging character of minute surface thus;

    System is provided with and adopts elasticity or non-resilient optical element, light path topping up chamber, liquid pressurizer or heating arrangement (16) (17), regulate its light path or optical element chamber pressure and temperature, change optical element surface thus, be the curvature of optical element plane of light incidence and exit facet, this optical element is lens;

    The optical element that solid, elastooptics material are made is set in the system light path, and this optical element is lens, and its material medium ratio of refraction is determined according to the imaging requirements of system;

    The logical luminescent material of light tube or light path partly adopts scalable, elastomeric material, thus and the vertical plane of optical axis on, angle and position between fine setting optical element or part light path light axis and the systematic optical axis, this optical element is lens, prism;

    By light tube or shell location optical system and element, the device of its direction rotation and displacement is set on light tube and the shell, direction and position adjustments adopt manually or motor drive mechanism, and the optical element of being located by light tube or shell is lens, prism.

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