Stress controlled lock in lock

Stress controlled lock in lock

  • CN 1,924,268 A
  • Filed: 08/31/2005
  • Published: 03/07/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/31/2005
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the stress controlled Lock with inside lock of the present invention is made up of lock case and lid, master control driving mechanism, stress executing agency, half formula side shaft, locking stress axis sheet, induction (or insurance institution) device that resets.It is characterized in that lock case and lid have is provided with the corresponding concentric profiled holes of master control driving mechanism and induction (or safeties) the mechanism pivot pin fixing hole that resets, and has a fixing stressed datum hole of half formula side shaft in lock case bottom, the position of lock case upper and lower side correspondence is provided with the groove that can supply locking stress axis sheet to move up and down;

  • Described master control driving mechanism has driving gear, manual drive device for lock pin (or electronic driver), and driving gear is arranged on and forms the interlock slave mode in the manual drive device for lock pin (or electronic driver);

    Described stress executing agency has by the dynamic stress gear, the special-shaped roller of limit induction is stirred keying with load and is set up jointly, riveted together mutually by dynamic stress gear and the special-shaped roller of limit induction, load is stirred pin and then is fixed on by on the centrifugal position of dynamic stress gear, afterwards half formula side shaft pass by the special-shaped roller axle center hole of dynamic stress gear and limit induction bottom lock case stressed datum hole fixedly riveted or turn combine, wherein produced the stress rotation by its driving by dynamic stress gear and driving gear are meshing mutually, and make and be fixed on that to be stirred pin by the load on the dynamic stress gear stressed;

    Described locking stress axis sheet is special-shaped axle sheet, move do oscilaltion in the corresponding groove of both sides up and down at lock case, locking stress axis sheet is except that having spacing vertical slotted eye, be provided with the lateral stress slotted eye that forms cross hairs with median vertical line specially at its uncertain position, be used for being provided with the load of being fixed by the dynamic stress gear specially and stir the pin driving, because locking stress axis sheet median vertical line is with overlapping by dynamic stress gear axis hole axial line, therefore the lateral stress slotted eye leaves the elongated hole surplus of laterally moving about outside locking stress axis sheet median vertical line one side, stir pin therein with being spent radians (half-turn) for load by dynamic stress gear rotation 180, order about locking stress axis sheet and do the oscilaltion operation, the horizontal slotted eye surplus that the locking stress axis sheet of the other side of median vertical line is reserved, with respect to for the axial line of dynamic stress gear axis hole, only reach the dead angle of 15 degree camber lines with a spacing stop of interior formation, stirring pin when load crosses median vertical line and forwards to herein;

    just be stuck in the dead angle;

    it can'"'"'t be continued with being rotated by the dynamic stress gear;

    when producing half formula side shaft mental and physical efforts thus and crossing median vertical line to 15 degree with interior camber line dead angle;

    the stress containing stop relation that forms naturally, lock control power need is self-indulged when reaching locking;

    Induction (or safeties) mechanism that resets has limit induction sheet, fixedly pivot pin, limit induction spring or be made up of electronically controlled stop device, the contiguous fixed axis keying of its feature limit induction sheet one end pin-and-hole and stress executing agency is closed, and contacts with the special-shaped roller of limit induction after the limit induction spring is stressed again and plays the sensation that resets.

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