Floor covering comprising hard floor panels and method for producing them

Floor covering comprising hard floor panels and method for producing them

  • CN 1,928,296 A
  • Filed: 06/07/1997
  • Published: 03/14/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/11/1996
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. One kind elongated be rectangle or foursquare hard place plate, lay a plurality of described floor board block and be positioned at first horizontal plane to provide, towards last, flat surface and be positioned at second horizontal plane, prone, basically flat surface, and described floor board block (1) comprises a core (8) that is made of HDF plate or MDF plate, floor board block (1) has the thickness of 5mm to 15mm, and make laminate flooring, in the top of described core (8) one or more layers material is set thus, and bottom (58) is provided with on the bottom surface (7) thus, and described floor board block (1) is at first and second couples of relative limit (2-3;

  • 26-27) be provided with coupling part (4-5), described coupling part allows two adjacent floor board block (1) reciprocally to connect, and described coupling part (4-5) constitutes one and be essentially tongue (9 with core (8);

         31) and groove (10;

         32) form, described groove (10;

         32) at least by the top projection (22 that on a vertical plane, stops;

         42) and the bottom projection define, described bottom projection stretches out described top projection (22;

         42) beyond the described vertical plane, described tongue (9;

         31) has the tongue part that when two described floor board block (1) engage, extends inward into described vertical plane, at two opposite side (2-3 from the tongue end;

    Coupling part 26-27) (4-5) is provided with whole mechanical locking (6), this locking device and described core (8) are made one, floor board block (1) edge that prevents two connections is perpendicular to relevant edge (2-3,26-27) separate with the direction of the bottom surface (7) that is parallel to the floor board block (1) after being connected, wherein said coupling part and locking device (6) are constructed such that two in these floor board block (1) can be meshing with each other by rotation, thereby when engagement, at tongue (9;

         31) front (19;

         20) and groove (10;

         32) have gap (21) between, described locking device (6) is configured to, and makes floor board block (1) connect in immobile mode on relevant limit under connection status, forms the slit subsequently thereby hinder.

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