Pump and distilling device for drawing machine

Pump and distilling device for drawing machine

  • CN 1,936,130 B
  • Filed: 09/19/2006
  • Issued: 10/05/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/20/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. one kind is used for the compressed-air actuated suction extraction element of drafter, this drafter has the air force compression subsequently of spinning machine, the pump unit that described suction extraction element has at least one to exchange, this pump unit has a suction areas, it is used for aspirating extraction for air force compression compressed air usefulness and that have the fiber residue, and this pump unit is designed by this way:

  • it can be by connecting under the restricted part in the movably passage of air zone of ventilative guide surface that motion is positioned at the fiber skein that is used for the drafter that disposed;

    Aspirate extraction tube in addition, this suction extraction tube is given to described at least one pump unit, and the compressed air that is sucked extraction by means of this suction extraction tube is discharged from this suction extraction element by described pump unit;

    The lock that can unclamp is arranged, this is locked in lock-out state and described at least one pump unit is fixed on the operating position of setovering with respect to the axle side direction of suction extraction tube, in unlocked state, this lock allows pump unit in its operating position be different between the switch of described operating position and move, it is characterized by, at lock-out state, this pump unit (50,91,112,132,151,172,191) with this suction extraction tube (62,118,139,158,177) directly link to each other, and described suction extraction tube (62) is set to have two suctions and extracts the branched pipe in hole (63,64) in its end sections, two pump units can be directly connected on the described suction extraction tube thus.

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