Method for preparing an omega-haloalkyl dialkylhalosilane

Method for preparing an omega-haloalkyl dialkylhalosilane

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  • Filed: 06/14/2005
  • Published: 06/13/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/16/2004
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1. method for preparing the omega-haloalkyl dialkylhalosilane of general formula (I):

  • Hal------(R 2R 3)Si---(CH 2) s---Hal This method is to make the silane that comprises general formula (II) in the presence of the hydrosilylation catalysts based on the platinum ore metal of catalytically effective amount;

    Hal---(R 2R 3)Si-H And the halogenated olefins of general formula (III);


    CH-(CH 2) s-2Hal Reaction medium carry out hydrosilylation reactions,In above general formula;

    -symbol Hal represents to be selected from the halogen atom of chlorine, bromine and iodine atom, and the chlorine atom is preferred,-symbol R 2And R 3Be identical or different, separately expression be selected from straight chain with 1-6 carbon atom or branched-alkyl group and phenyl group the monovalence hydrocarbyl group and -s represents the integer of 2-10, comprises 2 and 10,When described method is included in the hydrosilylation reactions end, the distillation reaction medium is with the operation from the product that formed that wherein separates general formula (I), this distillation obtains comprising the liquid residue that does not have the product that forms, by product and the used catalytic metal of isolating general formula (I) on a small quantity by distillation, carry out from described resistates, reclaiming the operation of catalytic metal thenDescribed method is characterised in that, in order to reclaim catalytic metal, carries out following steps;

    control hydrolysis comprises the resulting resistates of reaction medium of platinum ore catalytic metal by distillation, and described metal is the primitive form or the form for transforming of its catalyzer, and this control hydrolysis is carried out according to a kind of specific operating method, and this mode makes it possible to;

    The Si-Hal functional group of the product of the general formula that a) exists in the resistates (I) and water reaction,B) discharge be essentially the formed halogen-containing sour H-Hal of gasiform andC) providing the water-bearing media that comprises catalytic metal, it has≤

    the hydrolyzable halogenide Si-Hal of 2% low levels, represent with the weight of Hal;

    be suitable for one or another kind of in the routine techniques of catalyst manufacturers by application then, from described water-bearing media, reclaim the platinum ore catalytic metal, and do not need to use any adsorbent solids, and in not needing, operate for acid proof common unit.

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