Telephone bank anonymous operation system and method

Telephone bank anonymous operation system and method

  • CN 1,991,925 A
  • Filed: 12/28/2005
  • Published: 07/04/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/28/2005
  • Status: Active Application
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1. anonymous call bank transaction system, this system comprises telephone bank system front end and trading instruction transmitting element, it is characterized in that this system also comprises input discrimination unit, number corresponding relation acquiring unit, number corresponding relation database, trading instruction generation unit and anonymous operation registration/delete cells;

  • The input discrimination unit receives the signal that comes from the telephone bank system front end, and the number of identification input, if the number of input satisfies the requirement of anonymous number, then think the number of input be anonymous number and send this anonymity number to the corresponding relation acquiring unit obtaining bank'"'"'s card number, otherwise the number that directly sends this input arrives the trading instruction generation unit;

    Number corresponding relation database is used to store the corresponding relation between anonymous number and the bank'"'"'s card number;

    Number corresponding relation acquiring unit is used to receive the anonymous number from described input discrimination unit, from described number corresponding relation database, search and/or obtain the bank card number corresponding, and the bank'"'"'s card number that obtains is sent to the trading instruction generation unit with this anonymity number;

    The trading instruction generation unit is used to receive the trading instruction of input, if the trading instruction of input is anonymous registration/deletion action instruction, the number that then sends this anonymity operational order and input is to anonymous operation registration/delete cells, otherwise send the number of described trading instruction and input, or described trading instruction and bank'"'"'s card number of obtaining are to described trading instruction transmitting element from described corresponding relation database;

    Anonymous operation registration/delete cells is used to receive the number from the input of the anonymous operational order of trading instruction generation unit or bank counter and input discrimination unit, generate anonymous registration or delete instruction, search, register or delete the anonymous number stored in the described number corresponding relation database and the corresponding relation between bank'"'"'s card number according to this anonymity registration or delete instruction.

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