Magnetic compressor

Magnetic compressor

  • CN 201,083,197 Y
  • Filed: 07/17/2007
  • Issued: 07/09/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/17/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. magnetic force compressor, mainly comprise the motor component that housing and Qi Nei are provided with, housing is made of front casing body (2) and rear casing body (10), motor component mainly comprises valve circle (9), stator (11) and rotor (21), line shaft (12) second half section is connected with the rotor (21) of motor component, preceding half section is connected with moving runner (5) by key (15), is fixedly connected with cover (18) in the alloy on the inwall of housing, it is characterized in that:

  • 1), moving runner (5) and line shaft (12) are eccentric is connected, the excircle upper edge axial direction of moving runner (5) has several draw-in grooves (5-1), radially has one group of first blind hole (5-2) in draw-in groove (5-1);

    Valve block (6) one ends are provided with the cutting (6-1) that matches with draw-in groove (5-1), and have one group with corresponding second blind hole of first blind hole (5-2) (6-2), the two ends of pressing spring (7) are pressed on respectively on the inwall between first blind hole (5-2) and second blind hole (6-2);

    The other end of valve block (6) is pressed on the inwall of cover (18) in the alloy;

    2), cover (18) is installed in magnet-wheel plate (4) and afterwards between the wheel plate (8), magnet-wheel plate (4) is made by magnetic material in moving runner (5), valve block (6) and the alloy;

    Magnet-wheel plate (4) and back wheel plate (8) are sleeved on the line shaft (12), and by cover (18), magnet-wheel plate (4) and back wheel plate (8) formation first cavity (22) in moving runner (5), the alloy, form second cavity (23) between the inwall of magnet-wheel plate (4) and front casing body (2), the inlet hole (4-1) that suction tude (14) is passed on front casing body (2) and the magnet-wheel plate (4) is connected with first cavity (22), have one group of air outlet hole (4-2) on the magnet-wheel plate (4), air outlet hole (4-2) is connected by first one-way valve (3) and second cavity (23);

    3), described magnet-wheel plate (4) has one group of outgassing groove (4-3) in the face of on the end face of first cavity (22), its outlet is connected with air outlet hole (4-2), the groove width of outgassing groove (4-3) is from increasing gradually to close air outlet hole (4-2) away from air outlet hole (4-2), the groove depth of outgassing groove (4-3) near air outlet hole (4-2) to reducing gradually away from air outlet hole (4-2) until zero, and the groove depth curve is smooth circular arc line;

    4), on the described air outlet hole (4-2) first one-way valve (3) is installed, the circulating direction of first one-way valve (3) by first cavity (22) to second cavity (23), second one-way valve (24) passes front casing body (2), the circulating direction of second one-way valve (24) by second cavity (23) outside housing.

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