Table top height adjusting device

Table top height adjusting device

  • CN 201,468,440 U
  • Filed: 07/22/2009
  • Issued: 05/19/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/22/2009
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. height of table top adjusting device, include:

  • a base, a driving cylinder and a bracing frame, wherein, base is the foot lever support ground with both sides, laterally is provided with a lower connecting rod between foot lever, one end of driving cylinder can be fixed on this lower connecting rod, bracing frame is laterally to be provided with a upper connecting rod between side within it and to be formed by two support arms, so that the other end of driving cylinder can be fixed on this upper connecting rod, this two support arms back segment top respectively is provided with a projection, then be pivoted with a desktop between the place ahead, it is characterized in that;

    Each up is extended with a main strut foot lever rear of base, driving cylinder is the pneumatic cylinder of clear way valve, so do not need to utilize the switching of magnetic valve to control its inlet and outlet, the expansion link that is set in the Master cylinder body is outwards initiatively stretched out when normality, and two support arm rears of bracing frame respectively are provided with the wide wide collar in main strut periphery footpath that is slightly larger than in week footpath in;

    By said structure, make when bracing frame is set on the main strut together with desktop utilizes collar, can drive collar and sting to fixing on main strut by the leaning forward naturally of desktop weight with oblique state.

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