Hedging cyclone heat storage medium central-combustion high blast temperature hot blast stove

Hedging cyclone heat storage medium central-combustion high blast temperature hot blast stove

  • CN 201,770,720 U
  • Filed: 07/22/2010
  • Issued: 03/23/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/22/2010
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. incendiary high-blast-temperature hot-blast stove in the eddy flow heat storage medium that liquidates, comprise steel shell, regenerator, settling chamber, air intake duct, gas inlet pipe, it is characterized in that, in steel shell, the settling chamber (1) of building by laying bricks or stones by the refractory materials of different size, the porous regenerator body (3) of awl section combustion chamber (2) and filling in it, pile up checker brick heat storage (4) in regenerator (5) and its, cold air chamber (6), constitute the hotblast stove one-piece construction together, the settling chamber (1) that is shaped as ball top bell cover is connected for the labyrinth of unstressed effect with the cylinder-shaped combustion chamber (2) of the awl section under it, filling porous regenerator body (3) in the awl section combustion chamber (2) constitutes air-flow and rotates therein, mix, the incendiary combustion unit;

  • The gas inlet pipe (7) of symmetric arrangement vertical heat wind furnace axis and air intake duct (8) on the vertical body of wall of settling chamber (1), gas inlet pipe (7) and air intake duct (8) cross section are rounded, and enter settling chamber (1) preceding by rounded section by becoming the square-section that certain rotary-cut angle is arranged;

    Porous regenerator body (3) is made up of checker brick, the cylindric regenerator (5) that unstressed labyrinth type butt joint is arranged below the combustion chamber (2), pile up checker brick heat storage (4) on the fire grate (12) in the regenerator (5), dock up and down, constitute the unobstructed structure of mutual air-flow with porous regenerator body (3);

    Cold air chamber (6) is arranged below the regenerator, be connected to smoke discharge tube (11), cold wind inlet pipe (10) on its body of wall;

    The fire grate (12) of placing heat storage is several independently pieces, the expansion slit is arranged each other, and place on the crossbeam, support by fire grate pillar stiffener (13), the fire grate pillar stiffener is fixed on the rigid base of hotblast stove, on settling chamber (1) the vault medullary ray hot-blast outlet pipe (9) is arranged, and with the hotblast stove concentric.

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