Inflation pump for detecting leak tightness of bottle

Inflation pump for detecting leak tightness of bottle

  • CN 201,858,126 U
  • Filed: 10/20/2010
  • Issued: 06/08/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/20/2010
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. be used to detect the inflating pump of bottle seal, it is characterized in that, constitute by base (1), the pump housing (2), regulating piston (3), location tooth plug (4), adjusting screw rod (5), dial (9), copper sheathing (10), capping (11), clamping piece (14), sheet rubber (15), second clamping piece (17);

  • Form between the lower end mouth periphery of the pump housing (2) and the base (1) and be tightly connected, solenoid valve (18) is installed in the following hole of base (1), clamping piece (14) and solenoid valve (18) are installed on the valve rod of solenoid valve (18), accompany sheet rubber (15) between clamping piece (14) and the solenoid valve (18), the edge of sheet rubber (15) is clamped in the place, lower edge of the pump housing (2);

    There is an air vent at the vertical center of regulating piston (3), and regulating piston (3) is installed in the pump housing (2) internal upper part, and the pump housing (2) upper end is equipped with copper sheathing (10), and copper sheathing (10) outer is fixing with the pump housing (2) upper end by back-up ring (8) and packing ring (7);

    Copper sheathing (10) outside is set with dial (9), is provided with capping (11) above the dial (9), capping (11) center hole be threaded above the regulating piston (3);

    Location tooth plug (4) and adjusting screw rod (5) are installed on the sidewall of the pump housing (2), and adjusting screw rod (5) the inner withstands in the groove of the pump housing (2) outer wall;

    Be provided with second spring (12) on the left-hand end platform of regulating piston (3) and in the pump housing (2) between the left-hand end platform;

    Spring (6) is arranged in the upper end hole of the pump housing (2), and spring (6) withstands on below the packing ring (7).

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