Separating explosion-proof skid-mounted fuel adding device

Separating explosion-proof skid-mounted fuel adding device

  • CN 202,124,475 U
  • Filed: 06/22/2011
  • Issued: 01/25/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/22/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. separating explosion fuel oil topping up device;

  • Comprise framework (6), fuel charger (5);

    Intercept anti-explosion tank (3), wherein fuel charger (5) intercepts anti-explosion tank (3) and all is fixed in the framework (6);

    Intercept anti-explosion tank (3) and be connected with unloading line (11);

    Be connected with filling conduit (12) between said fuel charger (5) and the obstruct anti-explosion tank (3), it is characterized in that;

    be provided with controller (4) in the said framework (6), said unloading line (11) is gone up from the outer end to being in series with unloading pump (10), FL/MTR (8) and oil drain valve (7) successively with obstruct anti-explosion tank (3) coupling end;

    Said controller (4) is accepted FL/MTR (8) flow signal;

    Flow signal is handled,, controlled the switch and the output alarm of middle unloading pump (10) of unloading line (11) or oil drain valve (7) through the time data of no flow signal is set.

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