Circuit board illuminated switch

Circuit board illuminated switch

  • CN 202,275,742 U
  • Filed: 10/24/2011
  • Issued: 06/13/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/24/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. wiring board Illuminated Switch;

  • Comprise loam cake (1), loam cake frame (2), base (3), roll bar assembly (8), conducting strip (11), lamp contact (10) and fixed touching plate (12);

    Loam cake (1) and loam cake frame (2) activity matching and fixing, loam cake frame (2) is connected through buckleing with base (3) outward, it is characterized in that being provided with in the loam cake frame (2) wiring board (4);

    Wiring board (4) is fixed in the loam cake frame (2) through screw;

    Wiring board (4) is provided with indicator light (5), and two feelers (15) of indicator light (5) are welded on the wiring board (4), and indicator light (5) is enclosed within the mating holes (7) on the loam cake frame (2);

    Described base (3) inner bottom surface is fixed with support (9);

    Support (9) is provided with movable contact spring (13);

    Support (9) is connected with conducting strip (11), and movable contact spring (13) contacts with the bar assembly (8) that rolls that loam cake (1) is provided with, and the contact below on the movable contact spring (13) is provided with conduction contact (14);

    Conduction contact (14) one ends are connected with the fixing contact of the fixed touching plate (12) that passes base (3) bottom, and the other end is located at the bottom of circular hole (16).

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