• CN 2,045,626 U
  • Filed: 01/25/1989
  • Issued: 10/11/1989
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/25/1989
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , Computerized qualitative diagnosing instrument for tumour is a kind of medical diagnostic equipment, can be used for tumor is directly carried out etiologic diagnosis;

  • Benign or virulent, it is characterized in that described qualitative diagnosing instrument comprises;

    A, tool housing 3 is arranged, printhead 1 is arranged on its plane, charactron 2 several, under-voltage display lamp 4, alarming horn 5, manually printing key 6, automatic printing key 7, challenge switch 8, zeroing key 9, reset key 10, blank paper feed key 11, timer switch 12, line select switch 13, on and off switch 14, the side of this instrument have an attaching plug;

    B has an oscillograph CRT who is used with this instrument;

    C, there is one of patch panel this instrument the inside, the annexation of the position of each element and circuit is on the patch panel;

    this instrument has two detecting head A, B to connect differential amplifier IC064, IC064 connects multicircuit switch IC4501, connect analog-digital converter IC7135 by wiring, IC7135 has capacitor C 1C 2Several and resistance R 3Its end is connected with single-chip microcomputer IC8039, the other end is connected with interface circuit IC8155, IC8155 connects printer PRT, single-chip microcomputer IC8039 is connected with memory under program IC2732 with decoder IC138, IC138 selects driver IC 7407 to be connected with sheet again, and IC8039 selects driver IC 244 to be connected with section, and IC244 has 8 resistance R 4-11Be connected with charactron LTS547 respectively, LTS547 selects driver IC 7407 to be connected with sheet again;

    Alternating current 220V is through transformator U 2/ U 1Transformation is through diode D 1-4The silicon bridge rectification, an end connects (leading to) voltage adjuster L4805, and the other end connects (leading to) voltage comparator ic 339.

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