A kind of boiler smoke dedusting adsorption desulfurize comprehensive training system

A kind of boiler smoke dedusting adsorption desulfurize comprehensive training system

  • CN 204,632,229 U
  • Filed: 03/19/2015
  • Issued: 09/09/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/19/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a boiler smoke dedusting adsorption desulfurize comprehensive training system, is characterized in that:

  • this system forms primarily of flue gas generation systems, flue gas dust collecting system, flue gas adsorption desulfurize system and flue gas monitoring system;

    Described flue gas generation systems comprise boiler (1) and be connected with the outlet pipe of boiler source of the gas adding set (2), send out dirt device (3), static mixer (4), described boiler (1) is positioned at the starting point of a whole set for the treatment of scheme, described source of the gas adding set (2) is by measuring apparatus and fluidic system, in the elbow position of boiler flue, cyclinder gas is added system quantitatively, described dirt device (3) of sending out is positioned at above horizontal flue, and described static mixer (4) is arranged in flue;

    Described flue gas dust collecting system comprises the tornado dust collector (5), sack cleaner (6), electric control valve (7), blower fan (8) parts that are linked successively by pipeline;

    after described tornado dust collector (5) are positioned at static mixer (4);

    described sack cleaner (6) is mechanical vibrator formula;

    filter the dust compared with small particle diameter, described blower fan (8) is the power source of boiler gas flowing in flue;

    Described flue gas monitoring system comprises gas sensor (11), dust sensor (12), platinum resistance thermometer sensor, (13), air velocity transducer (14), pressure transducer (15), little differential pressure sensor (16), pitot tube (17), sampling gun (18), dust sampling meter (19), touch-control all-in-one machine (20), described gas sensor (11) is distributed on flue and chimney (10), described dust sensor (12) is built in chimney (10), described platinum resistance thermometer sensor, (13) is loaded on adsorption tower (9), for detecting adsorption tower (9) internal temperature, described air velocity transducer (14) is installed on airduct, described pressure transducer (15) is installed on the top closure place of adsorption tower (9), for detecting the internal pressure of adsorption tower (9), described little differential pressure sensor (15) is arranged on steelframe, described pitot tube (17) is be connected with little differential pressure sensor (16) by tracheae, described sampling gun (18) is fixed on airduct, described dust sampling meter (19) is connected with sampling gun (18) by tracheae.

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