Baby rocking chair

Baby rocking chair

  • CN 204,683,123 U
  • Filed: 05/18/2015
  • Issued: 10/07/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/18/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a baby rocking chair, comprises base, rocking chair body and waves assembly;

  • It is characterized in that;

    described base (5) is in " mountain " font, and its center is provided with circular socket (6), described in wave assembly and insert in circular socket (6);

    Described rocking chair body is obliquely installed, and the bottom surface bottom it is fixed with branch sleeve (4), and described branch sleeve (4) is socketed in and waves on assembly;

    Described rocking chair body is foliaceous, outer wrap has cloth cover (1), the surface of described cloth cover (1) is fixedly attached with liner (2), and the middle part of described liner (2) is fixed with the waist-belt (3) for preventing baby from gliding;

    The described assembly that waves comprises rotating shaft (75), inner core (73), check-valves (74), capping (72) and outer sleeve (71);

    Described capping (72) is arranged on inner core (73) from the top of inner core (73), and described check-valves (74) is arranged on the outer wall of inner core (73) from the bottom of inner core (73);

    Described rotating shaft (75) is applied in inner core (73), and bottom is arranged in circular socket (6) by base bearing (77);

    The top of described rotating shaft (75) is held (76) by apical axis and is connected with capping (72);

    Described outer sleeve (71) is enclosed within the outside of inner core (73) from the top of capping (72).

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