Mould two -sided photoreactivation of bag machine of compiling

Mould two -sided photoreactivation of bag machine of compiling

  • CN 204,801,206 U
  • Filed: 05/07/2015
  • Issued: 11/25/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/07/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a plastic woven bag dual light compounding machine, comprise main frame, single extruder Double-mold-head mechanism, left and right double plastic woven bag unreeling structure, automatic deviation rectifying mechanism, left and right double color printing film unreeling structure, traction drive mechanism, cooling body, central frame cut edge perforating mechanism, cut edge device, perforating device, pneumatic rolling-up mechanism and electrical control mechanism rods arranged in horizontal line, it is characterized in that overall each parts are divided into two parts from main frame, traction drive mechanism is in steelframe lower floor;

  • First die head, lower threeway, the second die head and single extruder Double-mold-head mechanism are on steelframe upper strata, and steelframe is divided into two groups, one group is installed the first iron roll, the first rubber roll, the first mirror roller and cooling body, a part of composition main frame;

    Another group upper installation second iron roll, the second rubber roll, the second mirror roller and cooling body, another part of composition main frame, two groups of each parts are installed in steelframe upper strata;

    The interval passed through for a people is provided with between two groups, main frame overhead is provided with big frame, plastic woven bag is drawn and is entered main frame on big frame, one side color printing film imports along breadth mirror roller from right double color printing film unreeling structure through deflector roll, plastic pellet becomes line style to extrude by flat-mould head die orifice after spiro rod plasticizing simultaneously, form casting films through die head to import between mirror roller and rubber roll, complete color printing film and the bright compound of woven bag one side;

    Another side color printing film is imported between another group mirror roller and rubber roll along breadth mirror roller through the casting films that die head is formed by deflector roll through left double color printing film unreeling structure from main frame opposite side through deflector roll by the one side complex pocket that compound is good, makes woven bag another side and color printing film compound realize disposable two-sided light compound.

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