Can mosquitocide multifunctional plant frame

Can mosquitocide multifunctional plant frame

  • CN 205,386,029 U
  • Filed: 07/14/2015
  • Issued: 07/20/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/14/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the multi-functional plant frame of energy mosquito eradication, it is characterised in that:

  • Including horizontal stand (1), the pillar (2) being separately fixed at horizontal stand (1) the lower surface left and right sides and the base (3) being connected with pillar (2);

    Pillar (2) includes the mosquito killing device (4), agitating device (5), heater (6), pressurizing unit (7) and the conduit (8) that from top to bottom set gradually;

    Described mosquito killing device (4) includes upper body (9) and the lower body (10) being connected with upper body (9), and upper body (9) and lower body (10) are cavity structure, upper body (9) sidewall offer into mosquito net (11);

    Fan (13) in the fluorescent tube (12) also including being arranged in upper body (9) and lower body (10);

    Described lower body (10) lower surface is offered porose;

    Described agitating device (5) includes cylinder (14), be arranged in cylinder (14) motor and the paddle being connected with motor output shaft, cylinder (14) and described lower body (10) are connected;

    Described heater (6) includes cartridge heater (15), be arranged in cartridge heater (15) microwave tube and the microwave tube power supply being connected with microwave tube, cartridge heater (15) and described cylinder (14) are connected;

    Described pressurizing unit (7) includes housing (16), the motor being arranged in housing (16), the rotating shaft (17) being connected with motor output shaft and the nib plate (18) being fixed on rotating shaft (17) one end, also include being fixed on the horizontal axis (19) of nib plate (18) top, the running roller (20) being arranged on horizontal axis (19) both sides and the grain-cutter (21) being fixed on rotating shaft (17) outer wall;

    The position of the upper corresponding running roller (20) of nib plate (18) offers bellmouth (22);

    Housing (16) bottom offers discharging opening (23), and the upper and lower surface of housing (16) is connected with cartridge heater (15), conduit (8) respectively.

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