Cursory formula wave power generating device

Cursory formula wave power generating device

  • CN 205,423,049 U
  • Filed: 05/16/2014
  • Issued: 08/03/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/16/2014
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. null1. floating-type Wave power generation device,

  • It is a kind of to utilize deepwater wave to carry out the machinery generated electricity,

    By floating dock (1010、


    Connect floating dock and cursory fixed pivot on floating dock with the lever (1020 of end tooth bar、


    Double-flywheel gear system (1030、


    Cursory (1040、


    Generator system (1050、


    Floating dock anchor (1060)、

    Float bridge and the chain (1070) of cursory distance、

    Stablize the TRT that floating dock forms with cursory stable pendant (1080),

    It is characterized in that when floating dock (1010、

    2010) when being in wave peak position,

    Lever (1020、

    2020) floating dock end is also at a high position,

    The most cursory, it is in the paddy position of wave,

    Lever (1020、

    2020) cursory end is the most just in low level,

    And when after ocean wave motion,

    Then floating dock (1010、

    2010) wave paddy position is gradually become,

    Lever (1020、

    2020) floating dock end the most just becomes low level,

    And the most cursory (1040、

    2040) high position for wave then it is in,

    Lever (1020、

    2020) cursory end is the most just in a high position,

    Due to lever (1020、

    2020) fixed pivot is on floating dock,

    At this moment actually move up and down with fulcrum for the center of circle with the continuous motion lever floating dock end of wave,

    At this moment floating dock end lever-rack will drive installation double-flywheel gear apparatus system (1030 on floating dock、

    2030) structure drives generator system (1050、

    2050) generating,

    Namely utilize floating dock (1010、

    2010) with cursory (1040、

    2040) energy of 2 the wave water surface relatively high harmonic motion changes,

    Promote and couple floating dock and cursory lever (1020、

    2020) two ends move up and down,

    Drive lever floating dock end rack drives double-flywheel gear system (1030、

    2030) drive generator system (1050 is rotated、

    2050) generating,

    In order to make full use of, the energy of wave up and down motion is the most novel have employed double-flywheel gear apparatus system (1030、

    2030) Wave power generation device structure.

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