Single track hangs double -brake drive arrangement

Single track hangs double -brake drive arrangement

  • CN 205,906,934 U
  • Filed: 06/29/2016
  • Issued: 01/25/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/29/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of monorail crane double brake driving means it is characterised in that:

  • include carrying walking unit, drive walking unit and brakingUnit,Described carrying walking unit includes four road wheels, four directive wheels and driving arm again, and driving arm top is provided withTwo blocks of side plates and one piece of base plate, two pieces of side sheet rooms every and be inclined on base plate, form 16 °

    of angles between two blocks of side plates, driveDynamic support bottom is provided with connection hanger and guide rail frame, two blocks of side plates has gap slot, four directive wheels are symmetrically mounted onOn driving arm side plate, directive wheel is located at below road wheel, and directive wheel passes through the lower wing plate side table of gap slot and monorail crane railFace contacts, and four road wheels are symmetrically mounted on the both sides of the gap slot of driving arm side plate, and at least two road wheels are simultaneouslyThe upper surface of the wing plate of compression monorail crane rail;

    Described driving walking unit includes two mobile platforms, two friction driving rollers, two hydraulic motors again, clamping cylinder withFastening spring, two mobile platforms are symmetricly set in the both sides of driving arm, and each mobile platform bottom is fitted with four workDriving wheel, mobile platform is placed on the guide rail frame of driving arm both sides, and two hydraulic motors are symmetrically arranged at two shiftingsMoving platform bottom, two friction driving rollers are connected with the output shaft of two hydraulic motors, and two friction driving rollers pass through to drive and prop upThe gap slot of frame compresses the web of monorail crane rail, and the two ends of clamping cylinder are connected with two mobile platforms respectively, fastening springIt is set in outside clamping cylinder, the two ends of fastening spring compress mobile platform respectively;

    Brake unit includes two groups of brake units again, and two groups of brake units are separately positioned on the two ends of driving arm, two groups of brakingsForm angle while device inwardly rolls oblique with driving arm base plate, every group of brake unit include again two brake shoes, twoBrake shoe axle, two brake arms, tripping spring and brake cylinder, two brake arms in one group of brake unit are respectively symmetrically settingIn the both sides of the side plate of driving arm, the two ends of brake arm are hinged with brake shoe axle and brake cylinder respectively, and brake shoe surface is solidSurely there is brake disc, between side plate and brake arm, be provided with dismountable u shape card, relatively and positioned at driving arm two of two brake shoesBetween side plate, it is symmetrically located in the web both sides of monorail crane rail, tripping spring is set in outside brake cylinder, tripping springTwo ends compress brake arm.

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