Yoga mat wrap-up

Yoga mat wrap-up

  • CN 206,476,546 U
  • Filed: 04/18/2016
  • Issued: 09/08/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/18/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of Yoga mat wrap-up, it is characterised in that:

  • Including support (1), support is provided with twist station and clamping on (1)Portion'"'"'s conveying mechanism;

    Vertically arranged 2 pieces of support chips (2) on support (1), the station that twists is located between 2 pieces of support chips (2), and twist workPosition includes the constraint mechanism that twists (3) being horizontally installed between 2 pieces of support chips (2);

    Clamping part conveying mechanism include slide bar (5) andAlong the mobile drive mechanism (6) of slide bar (5), the stepper motor (71) that twists is set in drive mechanism (6), twist stepper motor(71) grip sleeve is connected on, grip sleeve includes the ring set outer tube that twists (81) together and the inner tube that twists (82), twists outsideThe strip breach (83) being caught in for Yoga mat is offered on pipe (81) and the inner tube that twists (82);

    On the support chip (2) in outsideIt is provided with the spacing hole (21) for setting and passing through for grip sleeve on servo-actuated stepper motor (72), support chip (2);

    When grip sleeve is wornCross spacing hole (21) be located at twist station when, the end of the inner tube that twists (82) is connected with servo-actuated stepper motor (72) the type face of realization,The constraint mechanism that twists is centered around the surrounding of grip sleeve.

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