Adult's paper diaper

Adult's paper diaper

  • CN 206,508,129 U
  • Filed: 06/15/2016
  • Issued: 09/22/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/15/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. adult'"'"'s paper diaper, including outer cover, absorber and leakproof barricade, outer cover length direction middle part, the both sides of widthBe provided with indent arc port, outer cover include non-permeable outer layer and water penetration internal layer, absorber be in non-permeable outer layer andBetween water penetration internal layer, granular water-absorbing resin is provided with absorber;

  • Leakproof barricade is divided into movable part and solid from the inside to the outsideDetermine part, fixed part is adhesively fixed with non-permeable outer layer, it is characterised in that water penetration internal layer is by upper strata non-woven fabrics and preventsThe lower nonwoven cloth that granular water-absorbing resin is spilt is constituted, and upper strata non-woven fabrics is identical with lower nonwoven cloth length, lower nonwovenCloth width is not more than upper strata non-woven fabrics, and lower nonwoven cloth width is not less than absorber width, and upper strata non-woven fabrics is by a hydrophilic areaDomain and two non-hydrophilic regions are constituted, and hydrophilic region is between two non-hydrophilic regions, and the liquid of hydrophilic region passes through speedIt is faster through speed than non-hydrophilic region liquid;

    Non-hydrophilic region is divided into interior diffusion part and outer connection part, outer company from the inside to the outsideSocket part point is fixed between the fixed part of non-permeable outer layer and leakproof barricade, and interior diffusion part is in outer connection part and parentBetween aqua region, interior diffusion part is in the inner side of leakproof barricade fixed part;

    The width of hydrophilic region is 215-265mm, parentAqua region is equal with non-hydrophilic zone length;

    The middle part of lower nonwoven cloth is hydrophilic area, and the liquid of lower nonwoven cloth hydrophilic area is wornCross non-hydrophilic region liquid of the speed than upper strata non-woven fabrics fast through speed.

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