Magnetic separation grain bulking machine

Magnetic separation grain bulking machine

  • CN 206,895,765 U
  • Filed: 09/18/2015
  • Issued: 01/19/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/18/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. magnetic separation grain bulking machine, including support, support is connected with columnar press chamber by some spaced support frames,Press chamber one end is feed end and the other end is discharge end;

  • The feed end of press chamber is communicated with feed pipe upwards, is set at the top of feed pipeThere is charging aperture;

    It is on front side of it and using press chamber discharge end side as rear side using press chamber feed end side, motor is provided with front side of support,The output shaft of motor is provided with small belt pulley, it is characterised in that:

    Small belt pulley is connected with big belt pulley by driving belt;

    Pressing screw assembly is provided with the inner chamber of press chamber, pressing screw assembly includesPressing screw in a tubular form, screw rod is equipped with pressing screw, pressing screw outer wall is provided with spiral pushing blade;

    The spiral shell of the spiral pushing bladeAway from being gradually reduced from the front to the back;

    Separation seal is fixedly connected with multiple stirring gear sticks for being used to stir material from the front to the back at the top of press chamber, each stirring gear stickPress chamber is stretched out in outer end and press chamber is stretched into the inner;

    With the axially middle part of press chamber for boundary, in some stirring gear sticks anterior positioned at press chamberProvided with steam inlet tube, stirring gear stick and the steam pipework for connecting outside are stretched out in the outer end of steam inlet tube, and stirring gear stick is innerIt is communicated with steam inlet tube and the steam vent of press chamber inner chamber;

    Thermometer is provided with least one stirring gear stick of press chamber back segment;

    Press chamberBack segment is connected with pressure gauge, and pressure gauge stretches out press chamber upwards;

    Press chamber rear end is fixedly connected with discharging opening, and discharging opening is connected with discharging boot in rear big preceding small toroidal, discharging opening;

    The pressing screw is coaxially set with the main shaft and the two is linked together by connecting screw, and connecting screw is located at main shaft and squeezingIt is threadedly coupled at the axis of spiral shell and with pressing screw;

    The outer rim key connection of the centre bore of big belt pulley and the main shaft;

    Support front end is provided with support, and main shaft passes through bearing and axleBearing is connected on support;

    The feed pipe is V-shaped broken pipe, and the tube wall lateral surface of every section of V-shaped feed pipe is equipped with magnetic separation electromagnet;

    MagneticIt is clear to expect baffle plate be hinged from clear material baffle plate of the feed pipe at electromagnet provided with residue-removing opening and for closing the residue-removing openingOr it is spirally connected or the mode of clamping is detachably connected on feed pipe.

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